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May 1, 2019 Off

Alexa in-skill purchasing, which lets developers make money from voice apps, launches internationally

By Jill T Frey

A year after Amazon opened in-skill purchasing to all Alexa developers in the U.S., the company is launching the service internationally. Initially, the capability will roll out to developers in the U.K., Germany and Japan, and then developers elsewhere in the world. With in-skill purchasing, developers are able to generate revenue from voice apps in a number of ways: through the sale of digital goods as a one-time purchase, subscriptions or consumables.

Digital goods can include things like expansion packs for a trivia skill, while consumables are one-time-use purchases — like hints for a trivia game. Subscriptions, meanwhile, give developers a more consistent revenue stream, and can be used for things like a premium, upgraded app experience or a voice app that regularly updates with new content, for example.

The larger idea is that publishers need to make money from voice apps in order to make their continued development worth … Read the rest