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May 16, 2019 Off

Anchor’s new feature lets listeners leave voice messages for podcast hosts

By Jill T Frey

February’s acquisition of Anchor was a savvy move on Spotify’s behalf. It’s a clever and rapidly growing company that will help the music service get a big leg up in its bid to build its podcast operation. From the looks of it, however, the big buy-out isn’t making Anchor complacent when it comes to building out its own offerings.

The startup has done a fine job providing tools designed to further lower the bar of entry for podcasting. Anchor’s latest feature is an interesting addition on that front. Voice Messages is designed to offer listeners a way to offer spoken feedback to show hosts.

As the company notes, the feature previously required users to have the Anchor app. The newly revamped feature now lets them record feedback by clicking a link on a show’s Anchor profile and leaving up to a minute-long note. Once finished, a notification will be sent … Read the rest