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May 15, 2019 Off

BookingBug relaunches as JRNI, as founder Shoosmith switches to chief architect role

By Jill T Frey

It’s been a long road for BookingBug, a software platform originally conceived because its founder had trouble coordinating dates for a squash match.

Born out of the evergreen problem companies have in scheduling staff, since 2008 it’s gradually become a full-blown SaaS solution for a variety of customer journeys, of which scheduling is only one part.

And as founder and CEO Glenn Shoosmith admits to me, he gradually learned that the name BookingBug just didn’t fit the company anymore.

“For many years I’ve known that in enterprise, you cannot be standard. It’s not about being a social media management tool or a scheduling tool or whatever tool. Customer engagement is different. You need a flexible, platform-based approach. Long ago we stepped out of the SME/consumer space and we are now in B2B and we’ve become all about the customer journey. It became clear we had to change our name … Read the rest