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The choice to switch to a different device is extremely simple and can be chosen by clicking on the title of the gadget from the drop-down menu.

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Just lately, together with the discharge of the most recent iteration of the Android mobile platform, version 4.three, Google released a web site that you can use to trace and handle your Android system. Now known as Find My Machine (renamed from Android Device Manager), it really works for gadgets operating versions 2.2 Gingerbread and higher.

Google has simply added an incredibly helpful feature to its Android System Supervisor service As first noted by Android Police , now you can remotely lock your Android system with a specific password or passcode, should you misplace it or have it stolen.

action.DEVICE_ADMIN_ENABLED is the first motion that a DeviceAdminReceiver subclass must deal with to be allowed to manage a tool. This is set to the receiver when the consumer permits the device admin app. Your code typically handles this in onEnabled() To be supported, the receiver must additionally require the BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission so that other apps can not abuse it.

The most recent feature to be added on the Android Machine Supervisor Tracker is a boon. Now you may add a number on your cellphone to make sure you could be reached by the person who has found your misplaced phone. As quickly as the person switches in your cellphone a message prompted by the device supervisor will flash your message together with your contact quantity.

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This prevents users from using the same password time and again. This policy is often used at the side of setPasswordExpirationTimeout() , which forces customers to update their passwords after a specified period of time has elapsed. Understand the ADM options. The page should present a map with a box in the higher left-hand corner. Inside this field are 3 buttons: Ring, Lock, and Erase.


Tell us in the comments. Google is bringing a “find my telephone” function to Android later this month. Step 1 Download Google Android System Manager app in your Android device’s Google play app retailer and install. Launch the Google Settings app.

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