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Initially considered known as Android Q, Android 10 will come crammed with new options – some of which may prove controversial among users.

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Android 10,what is android 10 update,android 10.0,android ten,android 10 release,new in android 10,what is android 10,what's new in android 10,new android 10 updateWe’ve completed our slice of Android Pie and it is time to chow down on something new. four.Improved system updates via google play store: As a substitute of placing monthly updates on the regular system updates platform, Android 10 plans to roll out safety updates through Google play store whereas important updates could be run using the regular update channel.

We can’t call out all of the little tweaks and customizations scattered by means of the Android 10 interface —there’s plenty of them—however this is one change you might truly make use of: A scrubbing bar on the persistent notification for audio player apps. That means you’ll be able to skip forward or backward in a music, podcast, or … Read the rest